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, relations between the united states and cuba become much more amicable, or relations are restored, i would like to see this to be considered as a way in which guantanamo could be used. because earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, this is a very busy seismic area, the caribbean. there are disasters that occur throughout the region almost every year. okay. i called this talk sort of my boys of discovery. i'll tell you how this became a research topic of mine, because when i first decided to write about guantanamo, it was 2003, and there was practically nothing written about the history of guantanamo. and at that time and had not achieved the infamous reputation that it has subsequently acquired as an interrogation and detention center for suspected international terrorists are well, i had written the paper about the good neighbor policy that i want to get published, and it mention guantanamo in passing. and one of the outside readers who hated my essay, asked rhetorically, how would mr. schwab deal about it if cuba had a major military base on u.s. soil? well, the notion of coors seemed preposte
on iran might precipitate a wider third war for the united states in the greater middle eastnd we couldn't afford that. we thought the smartest strategy was to build up sanctions, sport for sanctions against iran and we'll see that, i think, play out in real life over the next couple of months. we wanted to shine a bright light and a stronger light on the human-rights abuses of the iranian government. we wanted to draw a military cordon around iran to contain it and the united states, i think, is in a good position to do that. and we wanted to play for the long-term because we wanted... we didn't want to do anything that would movement in iran and we thought the early use of force might effectively kill that opposition movement. and so in playing for the long term, we assume that there is some kind of solution here short of the use of u.s. military force. that is the hand we played that happens to be my own view as well. >> rose: all right. let me go to gary, the iranian hand. which has been influenced, obviously, by the political turmoil after the election. was that factored in or did t
here in the united states now. british authority said there's no specific intelligence of any planned attack but urge residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities. >>> and you're hearing about how americans view year one of president obama's presidency. see the difference overseas, is there a difference between what the people are saying here versus overseas? >>> and counterfeit diet capsules can kill you. interesting thing he's are diet capsules of ones you see every day in your local supermarket or pharmacy, right on the shelf, over the counter. so you want to pay attention. we'll tell you where the fake versions are being sold. >>> i want to say buyer beware. you see right there over my shoulder -- this side. those pills you have seen them on the shelves and seen the commercials. really be careful. this is a buyer beware if you're taking allil alli, the diet pil or just bought a bottle, you need to make sure they're not the fake ones. the fake ones can actually make you very sick and they can actually kill you we're being told. the fda warned consumers counterf
back to them, plus interest. and one caller stated earlier, the banking system of the united states should be a national or federalized system where the people, through government, issues credit to whoever needs it. that way the money stays within the system instead of going through the pockets of private bankers. so it's really a moot point whether he should be replaced or not. it's who's going run the mafia. it doesn't matter. it's still the mafia that's sucking the wealth out of our nation. host: off twitter, someone who identifies himself as c.p., says bernanke is just being scapegoated for congress' mistakes, washington politics as usual, all form and no substance. largo, florida, independent line. frank, go ahead. caller: good morning. i'll have to second the previous caller's assertions there. hl-1207 has 300 sponsors in the house, and s-604, bills to audit the fed, has over 30 cosponsors in the senate. and we need to call our senators to get this audit of the federal reserve. after that, it will be very easy to establish a grand jury, which will have subpoena power and indic
immigrants living here in the united states. because of the earthquake they will be granted 18 months of temporary protective status. >> tps is what it's called. while haitians here see it as an opportunity to push for changes, our ed lavandera says it's not an open invitation for haitians to come over. >> reporter: thousands of haitian immigrants, many in the united states illegally, are applying for what's called temporary protective status or tps. it allows haitian nationals to live in the u.s. legally for the next 18 months. for years, haitian americans lobbied for tps but many advocates now see an opportunity to make bigger changes, to ease years of immigration restrictions towards haitians coming to the united states. >> this now is an opportunity for haiti to change. this is the time right now. and many people this is the last time. a lot of people feel like this is our time. >> reporter: horrifying images like these have been common in the ocean waters between the united states and haiti. it's a dangerous and deadly journey for many who try to make it to american shores. every
while we understand politically why the vice president is saying it, i am certain that the united states court of appeals for the district of columbia will affirm the dismissal of those case against the blackwater employees. >> really? i think richard is now with us. richard, weigh in on this. do you agree with that? >> i agree it's politically motivated, fred. put it in perspective, here's united states government decided to appeal the united states' government decision against the misconduct, a penalty imposed by the trial judge to dismiss the case. look, the government is appealing the government's prosecutorial misconduct. just great. >> talk about john edwards. interesting legal woes for him. it really gets complicated. doesn't it? you know already there's a grand jury case or investigation, but might this now be broadened out now that he's admitting to this affair, admitting that he's the father of a child. he has not admitted to the allegations of misuse of campaign funds, which is really at the core of all of this, but i wonder, avery, does the plot thicken because there are his
ministry said clinton's comments were harmful to relations with the united states and it urged the u.s. to respect facts and stop using so-called freedom of the internet to make unjustified accusations against china. that brings to us tonight's question. did hillary clinton do the right thing by publicly criticizing china for censoring google and other content on the web? you can tell us what you think by going to the "how you see it" section of our website. that's at worldfocus.org. >>> another story broke yesterday is getting attention today. we're talking about president obama's calls for new restrictions on the activities of big banks, including their ability to make risky bets in the financial markets with federally insured deposits. this is being followed closely in britain where there are similar calls. here is how it was covered last night by john sparks of our british partner itn. >> reporter: it came as a shock in the world's financial capitals today. obama wants to bust up the big u.s. banks. and he won't take no for an answer. >> if these folks want a fight, it is a fight
of receiving an address from the president of the united states. on thursday and friday, the house is not in session to give time for the republican issues conference to occur in baltimore,ed maryland. we will consider several bills under suspension. complete list will be announced by close of business tomorrow. in addition, madam speaker, we will consider h.r. 3726, the castle knife nugent establishment act of 2009 and h.r. 4474 the idaho will deerness protection act introduced by mr. minnick and mr. simpson. and i yield back. >> i thank the gentleman. madam speaker, i ask the gentleman if he could comment on some of the press reports that we have seen this morning about the speaker's statement that this house and you will not be bringing to this house the senate health care bill for consideration. and i yield. >> well, i didn't see the speaker's statements, so i can't comment specifically on it, but i can say this to the gentleman but as the gentleman knows, there are significant critical differences between the house and senate bills and we have been working on trying to bridge
a chance to pick up four to six seats in the united states senate. i now think the republicans have a chance to pick up between five and eight seats. they've already picked up two. they've picked up massachusetts and then i gotta tell you if there's a candidate poised for victory it's replacing dorgan. we lead in five other seas in the senate. this could be an earthquake this fall. i'm sort of cautious about these things but it is looking like rather rather than taking 20, 22 house seats we could take more. >> sean: the question i've been asking everybody this week, give bill clinton credit he will be shocked if he is watching to hear me say that he did pivot. he did change. he did move the era of big government is over. the end of welfare as we know it. there's been no evidence that i have seen in barack obama's past or this first year in office that shows any signs of moderation. do you think co-pivot, change, moderate, move to the right, move to the center? do you see him capable of it? >> yeah, look any president can sort of gauge the situation. people get elected president gene
was thinking the republicans might have a chance to pick up four to six seats in the united states senate. i now think the republicans have a chance to pick up between five and eight seats. they've already picked up two. they've picked up massachusetts and then i gotta tell you if there's a candidate poised for victory it's replacing dorgan. we lead in five other seas in the senate. this could be an earthquake this fall. i'm sort of cautious about these things but it is looking like rather rather than taking 20, 22 house seats we could take more. >> sean: the question i've been asking everybody this week, give bill clinton credit he will be shocked if he is watching to hear me say that he did pivot. he did change. he did move the era of big government is over. the end of welfare as we know it. there's been no evidence that i have seen in barack obama's past or this first year in office that shows any signs of moderation. do you think co-pivot, change, moderate, move to the right, move to the center? do you see him capable of it? >> yeah, look any president can sort of gauge the situation. pe
today that the supreme court of the united states decided the case of roe vs. wade. the case that legalized abortion in america and set up decades of bitter battles between pro choice and pro life. today, in a kansas courthouse, that battle and those strong sentiments were again front and center and, if defendant scott roeder has his way, abortion itself will be on trial when the testimony begins. still, the judge says this trial is not about that debate at all. he says this is about murder and one that scott recorder has roeder already confessed he did commit may 31st, 2009, at a church with dr. tiller was serving as an usher. >> i was talking with dr. tiller and making kind of small talk when i noticed the door -- that door that would be on the left there open up and the gentleman entered. >> witnesses say that man walked right up to dr. george tiller and pulled the gun. >> i saw a flash and i heard a popping that, to me, sounded like a balloon popping, then i saw dr. tiller just fall flat on his back. i saw an assailant. i saw with his hand out and still had the gun in his
the president of the united states cares more about the rights of terrorists than he does protecting the american people. now, does any sensible person believe that? no. but that is driving the narrative in the mainstream media. not on fox. >> moyers: give me your explanation of why you think nbc, ge, and david gregory constantly ask newt gingrich on and not nancy pelosi? >> i think because the right wing media, fox, the "wall street journal", "the weekly standard", et cetera, et cetera, the heritage foundation, they have been so successful at defining the terms of the debate that the mainstream media accept their definitions of the issues and the parameters of discussion without even knowing they're doing it. and this infection has been going on for decades. and when the white house tried to take it on, in the form of taking on fox, the media reacted, "oh my god, you're attacking a sister network." that was the phrase of one of the abc correspondents. they should recognize that there are some people doing honest journalism and some people doing propaganda. and those people doing pro
is that without nuclear weapons the united states and soviet union, and they got into a war, wouldn't have to worry about nuclear war. they would only have to worry about a war as big as world war ii. it seems to be if they did to it a deterrent that was plenty good. the world has been run since world war ii by either the same people or the intellectual heirs of the people who try to prevent world war ii from happening. because they thought it even worse than world war i, and they were right about that. it gave him no pleasure to find out that the idea that these people were there for casual stumble into a war that would be as bad or possibly worse than world war ii is just absurd it things under and seems to me that in addition, i do think that there has been -- there was one of two powers. one was substantially anti-status quo which is the communist side. however, they never, ever had the idea of advancing communist revolution through hitler a christian. they were anti-status quo in the sense they want to subvert conscious. they want to encourage class warfare, revolutionary civil war an
the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic and to bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution should send shockwaves through all americans as to the power and reach of an enemy like al qaeda in yemen to generate such radicalism among other u.s. citizens. al qaeda and yemen declared war on the united states with the attack on the uss cole in 2000. while the u.s. has taken actions to curb their power and influence as an external threat, this nation and its allies seemingly have also taken action to assist in the organization. for example, in 2006, the escape of 23 members of the al qaeda from a maximum-security yemeni prison including several who attacked the coal lead to the formation of al qaeda on the arabian peninsula. the 2007 release from guantanamo bay of said al-zawahiri one of the first 18 at that prison allowed him to join the al qaeda in yemen and to help plan the christmas day attack on northwest flights to 53. moreover the nation has not learned a lesson from september 11th. that organization that has information about potential or
, that would mean hundreds of thousands of jobs here in the united states. five percent -- maybe a million jobs, well-paying jobs. so we're going to have to pry those markets open. intellectual property is part of that process. all right, great question. it's a woman's turn now. you guys just put down your hands. oh, okay, well, this young lady right in front. we've got a microphone over here. you know, i would give it to you if i could reach, but -- go ahead. >> i introduce myself. i'm 83 years old. i know i don't look it. >> you don't. you don't. you look great. >> thank you. i'm very concerned about social security. i think there's a few here who are probably living on that or supplementing that. i understand that congress has given themselves a raise but has denied us cola for possibly the next three years. at the time of the h1n1 thing, people over 65 were not given the right to have the shot. the right to have the shot. for some reason or other this what can we do about it? >> let me address all three of your issues. first, how do we make sure that social security is sustainable over the
a league for white players only. and you have to be born in the united states as well. don moose, lewis is calling it the all american basketball alliance will eventually have minor league teams n several southern cities. >> our fish give is middle white america. that's -- initiative is middle white america. that's the one that needs a little feel good nostalgic, this was fun like i remember. >> we fought so long to be able to get african-americans into major sports. and now to try to return back to the all white kind of play is ridiculous. >> lewis says the league will start in june. >>> in tonight's fox 5 top five, some relief at the gas pump and creditors looking at your facebook friends. laura evans explains. >> reporter: brian, do you have any financially responsible friends? number five tonight, you might think about adding those contacts to your twitter or facebook account. it could improve your chances of getting a loan. some lenders are now reportedly checking out social networking profiles to get a better read on potential clients and whether you're a potential risk. >>> want
in the united states die from choking. but as courtney reports, with a little bit of knowledge, you might be able to save a life. >> doctors, paramedics, lifeguards - they're all trained to save lives. but they're not always going to be around when you need them. that's why it's important to learn life-saving techniques that you can use at home, school or just hanging out with friends. >> alex, do you know what to do if someone is choking? >> well, i know you're supposed to use the heimlich maneuver but i don't know how to do it. >> me neither. so we went to find an expert to show us how to do it, and guess what? we found the expert -- dr. heimlich, himself. the man who invented the heimlich maneuver. he's going to show us the correct way to do it. hi, dr. heimlich. >> hi, courtney. >> so, what do we do first? >> stand up. this is one way to do it, standing up. it's the most common way, okay? what you're going to do is you're going to put you're your arms around, you're going to feel for the bottom of the ribcage with your hand here. so you're always below that ribcage. you're going to ma
is not an acquittal. and today i'm announcing that the united states government will appeal this decision. >> reporter: blackwater now working under a name and logo, inch cyst their guards worked lawfully on that day. iraqis call it a massacre. >> let's hope that american justice will deliver justice. >> in many ways it's like abu ghraib. it's a symbol to many people that the united states isn't serious about democracy. that is acting out of its own interest, without the concern for human rights and rule of law. >> reporter: iraq's ambassador to the u.s. say the blackwater case alone can't i road the u.s./iraq ties. a spokesman with the justice department say they will file an appeal in the case next week. >>> rachel martin in washington. >>> one more note overseas in afghanistan a roadside bomb killed two u.s. troops bringing the u.s. death toll this year to 22. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, said u.s. forces will be at increased risk as more troops are deployed to take on the taliban. >>> still ahead -- a medical breakthrough for heart failure patients. this tiny pump could save many lives.
of a president now facing a world of change. >>> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> for the millions of haitians who are hungry, thirsty, homeless and injured, right now help can't come fast enough. and for all too many earthquake victims, help still hasn't come at all. here at cnn, we're dedicated to staying on this story and asking tough questions in the days and weeks ahead. no correspondent has put it in more time and energy and passion into this reporting from haiti than cnn's chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. sanjay is joining us now. sanjay, have things gotten better or worse over these nearly two weeks you've been there? >> reporter: well, they certainly is gotten better, wolf no question about that. but, remember where we started. first of all, where haiti was even the day before the earthquake, we talked about this a lot, but obviously this is a country that is very impoverished. as a result, you have that affecting everything, including the medical infrastructure. few hospitals, s
against the united states. this is a vague warning from intelligence reports, nothing firm at all, alex. >> all right, tom aspell in london. tom, thanks. >>> we are following some new and incredible developments in haiti. more survivors pulled from the rubble ten days after that devastating earthquake, but after those amazing rescues, the haitian government and the united nations say the search-and-rescue phase for survivors is now over. nbc's michelle kosinski is live for us in port-au-prince with more. so, michelle, with another good morning to you, it's a tough pill to swallow for many, because even just yesterday you had these two pulled alive from the debris, and now today a different focus. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. i mean, every day we're just in disbelief, almost, to hear about these rescues. they have happened every single day since the quake. we're waiting to see if somebody might be found alive today, maybe by a group of local people digging by hand. it just continues to defy the imagination. and when you hear a 21-year-old man yesterday, an 84-year-old woman pulled out
weapons or nuclear developmen but we ren't willing to just give it up. and basically the united states policfrom the beginning has been eith do nothing or we're going to come after you. and the reality is they coulnever put together with the russians and the chinese and otrs, they can't get engh people to along. >> rose: swhen you hear th, you say what? >> well, think i have a major disagreement th gary. because in the simulated game that we played, we did reach out tohe iraans. we asked f negotiations and re turned down. so i d't think 's correct on that accoun would also say that this simulati, it'sery diicult to simulate a real life environment. th was a compressed timetabl it didn't take aount of everything tha president obama has tried to dover the last year. and at is to reach o to the iranns and he has been turned down in tha so if you are trng to aw some larger conclusns from this very brief simulation, i think it is inaccurate to say that sehow american policy is just more of the same. i thk president oa has actuallydvanced american policy and he h built up some capital nowith
to the same threat level in the united states. the level that they have had there for the past few years, and it could be based on intelligence that the u.s. and britain have been gathering in yemen, where al qaeda may be planning further attacks on the west. alex? >> you no know, tom, looking here to see words about a possible female suicide bomber is being trained and sent out? do you know anything about that? >> reporter: it's a vague warning that intelligence reports from yemen suggests that al qaeda and the arabian peninsula may be training female suicide bomb toers try and enter the united states, but, again, no firm evidence that we are being made aware of any kind of attack like that is imminent. alex? >> tom aspell in london, thank you, tom. >>> meantime, a lot of stars united last night for a telethon to raise money for haiti. the two-hour "hope for haiti" telly cast featurerd some of the biggest names from film, sports even politics. many manning the phones while other performed. ♪ when you come by me it's like a little prayer ♪ down on my knees ♪ i want to take you ther
, crazy. venezuela's president hugo chavez got to a new level of nutiness by saying the united states used an earthquake weapon to cause the heart quake in haiti. he sent out a press relief saying the 7.0 quake was caused by a u.s. test of an experimental shock wave system that can also create, quote, weather anomalies to cause floods, droughts and hurricanes. but america's ultimate goal, quote, the planned destruction of iran through a series of earthquakes designed to topple the current islamic regime. alarming indeed. also alarming, appetite for kittens. anyway, can we see a tape of chavez making a statement to the media? >> i hope that didn't offend anybody in the goat population. does chavez know something that we don't? >> well, let's think about this. chaw -- chavez says the quake was caused by the united states. danny glover says it was the earth's revenge for not passing climate change legislation. seismologist say it was a shifting of the tectonic plates. obviously somebody is crazy here. those wacky seismologists. >> bill, shouldn't we be flattered that they think we have this t
. this is the same threat level the united states has had in place the last few years and could be based on intelligence the u.s. and britain have were gathering in yemen, where the al qaeda are planning further attacks on the west. >> the possibility of female suicide bombers. what are you hearing about that over there in london? >> reporter: intelligence agencies have been feeding back and forth information saying al qaeda in the arabian peninsula may be planning to use suicide bombers. no firm evidence but part of the watch britain and the u.s., the closer attention, rather, they're paying to yemen. last week britain suspended direct flights to and from yemen and established a no fly list for flights destined for the uk. >> tom aspell in london, thanks. >>> the search and rescue phase for the catastrophic earthquake in haiti is over. rescue teams made an incredible discovery just before that. two more people pulled alive from the rubble ten days after that quake hit. live in port-au-prince we have more, good morning, mike tea em. what else have you learned? >> reporter: may be the las
first before you board a flight to the united states. not so. turns out prior to the attempted bombing, they didn't check their visas until they were in the air. it was a policy. it was not just an oversight. this is the federal policy. here is a quote from an obama official. the problem was not the misspelling but the system designed prior to christmas day at post, at main state, and nctc, the system did not require anyone to focus on the existence of the vis a. they are reeing the policy. but what is the point of the policy. why review the passport or visa when you are in the air if you contain them on the ground. >> explain the logic of even if they don't try to blow up the plane as you hope and it actually lands. still it is somebody's visa doesn't check out, you have to deport them back? >> you land the flight and stop in green land across thuar say you need to get off the flight. we fail to check your visa. it is a bigger problem. the rail system in this country. it would take amtrak and so forth. they don't check id's until you are on the train an hour into the train and then ch
't think the unite states congress ould proceed with his nominion until he tells us what was the nsequence of opening up the discount window, excuse meot the diount window, the loan window, at the fedal reserve nk to investment banks for the first time in amican history. >> reporter: bernanke has de recent moves to adess his critics saying he weomes an investigation to the bailout of a.i.g he still has the suprt of the whithouse. a spokman today says the prident thinks bernanke is the be person for the job and that will be confirmed by the senate. his predecessoalan greenspan al gave bernanke the thumbs up, telling "nhtly businessÑiÑi port" he's quote "far and aw the best person to ld the fed." and many economists, inclung mark zandi say bernankshould be reconfirmed. >> i would be very surprisedf he's n re-appointed. if he's not, this would disrt financial maets and raise th odds that the ecomy will not evolve into an expansi. >> reporter:hile bernanke is still e odds-on favorite to keep the j, others say a newñr face, like san fraisco fed president net yellin or white house econist chr
." that puts britain on par with the threat level currently here in the united states. officials say it means a terrorist attack is highly likely but not imminent. nearly 200 terror suspects remain in custody at guantanamo bay in cuba. as bob orr reports, they were supposed to be gone by today. >> reporter: president obama made the promise on his second day in office. >> guantanamo will be closed no later than one year from now. >> reporter: but on this deadline day, the guantanamo prison is still open and big obstacles remain. a justice department task force concludes 50 of the 196 terror suspects held at gitmo can't be tried but are too dangerous to be released. that means president obama may be forced to continue the bush administration's practice of holding some prisoners without charges. >> it is illegal, it is against over 200 years of united states law that we don't hold people indefinitely without charge. >> reporter: at the moment, there's no place to move those detainees. congress so far has not supporting a plan to house them at this illinois prison. of the remaining prisoners, the
that this is in the diplomatic and national interest of the united states to be promoting free internet in china and elsewhere. >> one of the things the secretary announced yesterday is that there will be high-level meetings here. >> are you planning anything at the united nations level? >> i would ask you to speak more directly to the chinese foreign ministry's written statement in response to secretary clinton's speech. they said that her insinuation that china restricts access or internet freedom runs contrary to the facts. they asked you not to make such promise accusations. they also said flatly that it is harmful to china-u.s. relations. do you believe this has been harmful to u.s.-china relations? do you have any intention of tempering your criticism on this matter given the unhappiness of the chinese about it? >> the secretary said yesterday that there are a range of places where the u.s. and china have mutual interests. those will be discussed. we will continue to work with them. there are places where we disagree. we will put out a report at the end of the month, at the end of next month on human-ri
to the united states. they left on board a plane bound for florida. we do expect them to land shortly. we'll bring you pictures as soon as we get them. in the meantime, let's go to rick live in port-au-prince. what the latest where you are? >> gregg, we are hearing dramatic stories on a day when haitian and u.n. officials announced and end to search and rescue operations. we're hearing about two possible survivors found today. one reported by greek rescue team and the l.a. county search and rescue team reportedly at the site of a hotel where they are trying to reach a person buried underneath the rubble where voices were heard. and you mentioned that 23-year-old man reportedly live still trapped, apparently alive after 11 days. doctors say he is in good health and trying to extricate him. >> gregg: what about the aid that is being flown in and distributed. give us an update on that? >> there are a lot of challenges. there are hundreds of object stashing kals blocking roads. by some reports, only 10% of people that need food and water. some camps have more food than they need and others do
of the united states at his state of the union address should do for health care what he did today is say, look, we're not pussyfooting around anymore. we need to get them passed. i think that's the way if you were going to go into a conversation with senators, at least you have to raise the temperature for them a little bit. up to now, this has been entirely this insider conversation which has lost the american people. that's regrettable. >> thank you. u.s. congressman anthony wiener of new york. look, i'm not sure, i think i know what that means, make the good fight, make your big pitch. they've lost sight of the sales pitch trying to get the thing made. you are still faced with the realities. you don't have the # 0 votes to break the filibuster in the senate. >> i don't think we've need them. we've had a congress for 220 years. how long has there been a filibuster-proof majority in the -- >> that's why nothing gets through congress. name me a major bill that congress ever got through that was partisan. >> we got tax cuts for the rich from the republicans. >> anybody can cut taxes. that's not
was wrten, it's going to be awfly tough. >> lehrer: it a prepe court ofhe united states de a decision. do you agree with that, there not too many optns. >> people are workinon it but from what i haveead ani don't understand it coletely, they are nibbling othe edges rather than the core. >> it is, m serious this is big te. iteally is. and justhe presence of th kind of money. why uld anybody volunteer in a campaign. >> lehrer: w do you assume, this is-- david is gng to ask you this question t i'm going to ask it befo he does. why do you assume that ople will use it in evil ways >> don't find corporations historically in thisountry to have been altruistic agents. >> lehrer: david in. >> i think they are altruistic when th make greaproducts. i happen to like my ipod and all that stu. >> i am talkg about public pocy. >> no,hey true try to cycle competition th is what businsman do. >> they don't take a we perspective. i didn't see them, d you see the corporationseally puing for the civil rights acts? did you see them pusng for americanwith disakts act? i missed that, i guess. >> lehrer: mark, d
a grandmother who may be living in the united states. we're trying to track that down. we don't want to just -- none of us can imagine just leaving and having monley still one of the many unaccounted for or not knowing what's going to happen to him. every day, i mean, you are saving lives every single day. it's got to be so frustrating not having the supplies you need especially in the early days. >> it is. imc has done a great job supplying the things we need and we have really not had such an issue with it. everything we've asked we've pretty much gotten. they've done a great jobs -- >> like at a general hospital -- was it two days ago, like in the morning they had to delay surgeries because they didn't have surgical gloves. it wasn't an imc thing. just a hospitalwide thing. >> right. i think imc has stepped in to help with the different operating rooms and to start functioning. and surgeons are coming in on a regular basis now. >> where did you find the x-men shirt? >> it was donated in a box. so i thought since it was bright and red he might be spotted. in case we needed to look for him.
, robust, comprehensive transportation bill for america. he gets it. when he was a united states senator, senator obama and i as a member of congress and our delegation from illinois worked very hard to transportation issues. after he became president, he said to the congress, we have to have a very strong infrastructure component in the economic recovery program. $48 billion. not insignificant. and so the president gets it. he wants a good bill. he wants a comprehensive bill. he wants a robust bill. we're going to work with congress on that. our dilemma is trying to find the $400 billion or $500 billion. if you look at chairman oberstar's bill which is a good bill by the way. it includes many things that we want to do. it is a good bill. it costs between 4 and $500 billion. that is our dilemma. that's what we have to work with congress on to try and find the resources to do that. we know that the highway trust fund is inadequate. people are driving less and they are driving more fuel-efficient cars and so we talked about thinking outside the box on how we fund these things. if you have
of exports by just 1 percent, that would mean hundreds of thousands of jobs here in the united states. five percent -- maybe a million jobs, well-paying jobs. so we're going to have to pry those markets open. intellectual property is part of that process. all right, great question. it's a woman's turn now. you guys just put down your hands. oh, okay, well, this young lady right in front. we've got a microphone over here. you know, i would give it to you if i could reach, but -- go ahead. >> i introduce myself. my name is joane eichenlob. i'm 83 years old. i know i don't look it. >> you don't. you don't. you look great. >> thank you. i'm very concerned about social security. i think there's a few here who are probably living on that or supplementing that. i understand that congress has given themselves a raise but has denied us cola for possibly the next three years. at the time of the h1n1 thing, people over 65 were not given the right to have the shot. for some reason or other this health care crisis was left on our senior backs. what can we do about this? >> well, let me address all thre
troops will remain in the country. >>> vice president joe biden says the united states will appeal a court decision dismissing manslaughter charges against five guards from black the water. those guards were involved in a deadly shooting in baghdad that killed 14 iraqi civilians in a traffic stop back in 2007. vice president biden made the announcement today with the iraqi president in baghdad. biden is in iraq holding meetings with leaders ahead of the elections scheduled for this spring. >>> when our broadcast continues tonight, no laughing matter as actor and comedian andy dick is arrested following a performance at a west virginia comedy club. >>> also, they are calling it a snow-p snow-pocolipse icalifornia. and a fire fighter who saved a dog. >>> a bevy of college hoops. virginia puts its eight-game winning streak on the line. >>> new troubles for comedian andy dick. he's been arrested on felony sex abuse charges in west virginia. dick was arrested at a comedy club in huntington. according to the criminal complaint he groped, then repeatedly kissed a bouncer. he was talking t
people. >> a dismissal i want to make clear is not an acquittal. i'm announcing the united states government will appeal this decision. our justice department will file that appeal from the judge's decision next week. >> vice president biden made the announcement in baghdad. he is in iraq to help the nation prepare for upcoming elections. >>> the veterans administration medical center brought together dozens of city agencies to help homeless veterans. it was called the veteran stand down. to receive assistance at the event. most of them got basic medical screening. >>> did your utility bill give you a shock this month? it has been skyrocketing. against the utily industry. >> absolutely. you won't have to worry about the heating bill this weekend. temperatures are on the rise but something else is headed our way and i'll have the details after the break.  stand by for captions ] >>> in guess of this year i received a bill for the amount of $7400. >> reporter: had you been paying monthly bills? >> yes, estimated bills as well for a 33-month-old. >> reporter: the other demonst
and the united states government does not want to be in the position of saying where they are going to set up because it means a thousand other places don't get help. so the focus of the mission is being set by the haitian health ministry itself. but once these patients identified by the health ministry in a particular hospital, maybe a field hospital, the israeli government for instance had a field hospital feeding these ships. once they are in these hospitals, then the professional doctors there, many of them working in concert with haitian doctors make the call based on strict think medical reasons. so today the most critically injured folks are people with crush injuries that had injured them internally so bad over time their organs began to shut down. this is the kind of thing we are seeing on the ship and surgeons are working 24/7. all the operating rooms have been in use virtually since the ship dropped anchor on wednesday morning here. >> i guess the big question is how long can you keep up that pace? >> we received another 86 interpreters today. red cross workers. another 350 doctors
was sworn in as the 44th president of the united states. he became the first african-american ever to hold the office of u.s. commander in chief. the event was witnessed by well over 1 million attendees here in washington. that was then and this is now. tom sherwood takes a look at how the year has worn on the president and at how people in businees around the white house believe things are going one year later. >> reporter: the big buttons are still selling. a dollar and up. the bobblehead obama is $9.99 marked down from $15. that's better than what's his name going for $6. this temporary obama inauguration store opened a year ago on 7th street downtown near pennsylvania avenue. i thought the store would be here a couple of weeks. it is still here a year later. >> actually, we planned on february 10th. we stayed open because of the sales went sky high. >> reporter: a year ago, as many as 2 million people crowded into downtown d.c. for the historic inaugural of the first african-american president. he was seen as a crusading new figure in national political history. empowered by the voters
was the largescivil disturbance the history of e united states back when it happen. those riots reall brought a lot of terrible social issues to the four, -- to the fore, ther was an exos of people. on top ofhat, you basically now have gm and cysler having gone throug bankruptcy, emerging quickly, b much smler. ere are a lot fewer js in the city of detroit there use to pay, and the city of detroit and at southeastern michigan has find a new engine o growth. it not clear what is going replace this the single-legged stool. tavis: with regard your book, "crash course to questions what is the take away from the new book for legislators, policymakers, and at is the take away of the book for consumers? >> for consumers,he take away a feare going to have a much reompetitive, much different car market than just a few yea ago. we used to talk inerms of the big three, geral motors, ford, chrysler you can we that turne out of your vocabulary. what we will have in the future of america is a medium six. there wilbe abt six companies with sewhere between 18%-20% of the car mket, whereas gm is to have half of th
the united states, and did they have not been found. >> authorities tell us that the accused northwest bomber, uar farouk abdulmutallab provided the fbi with descriptions of several non-arabs. >> there are also women who had been trained. al qaeda is looking to put together an attack using people who do not fit the profile we would be looking for. >> the alert comes as the uk raised their terror all let level to -- terror alert level to secure -- severe. janet napolitano said the system was working much better. >> across the community of nations, we are alert. ere is an increase in its abilities of terrorists like al qaeda to exploit travel. >> according to u.s. officials, six different people on the no- fly list were stopped from boarding u.s. flights in 148 hour period last weekend. >>> new at 11:00, a renewed push to help victims in the haiti. george clooney, halle berry, wyclef jean -- posting a benefit. the funds they raise will go to helping haiti. it comes as international agencies are still making daring rescues, 10 days after the earthquake. an elderly woman and man were pulled out o
to be the leader of the country. on an international scale, being the face of the united states, couldn't be more proud of him. >> i'd give him an a, also. people have to give him some time. one year can't fix all the problems that this country has accumulated in the last eight years. >> i would give him an a. congress i would give a little lower to. >> what grade would you give congress. >> maybe a c, business at usual. >> our poll was unscientific. a recent national poll found the reviews are mixed with half saying the president's first year was a failure, and an equal percentage of people calling the first year a success. >> companies are free to spend as much as they want to support or oppose politicians running for federal public offices, as long as they do not donate to candidates directly. on thursday, the supreme court in a 5-4 decision struck down part of the mccain campaign finance law. the court ruled the corporations have the same free speech right as individuals, which means the government cannot stop companies from buying bill boards or commercials to support certain candidates. the
is ordered back to the united states. how it could effect his child molestation care. >>> the weekend is here, what will it bring? i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete first warning forecast, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is 38 degrees with some clouds in central maryland right now. an incredible scene from phoenix as the house is about to fall because of eroding hillside. >>> polanski was arrested under a u.s. warrant. he is currently under house arrest and fighting extradition. >>> the wife of senator mccain appears on an ad endorsing same- sex marriage. the add shows cindy mccain and no h8 on her cheek. the group's website said cindy mccain contacted them and offered to participate in the ad. mccain says he respects his family's point of view, but he is still opposed to same-sex marriage. >>> what happened as a routine tip turned into a federal case. the story begins in the central district, especially here on mccullough. there's people inside a car with people believed to be selling drugs. they go to stop the car, the people inside see the police coming so they take off. >> reporter: poli
? >> brenda, i don't think it is. i'm in favor of the humanitarian aid the united states gifts and all in favor of charity. people give what they want to will personally or a corporation but going after specific industries smacks of the latest populism. why not go after the guys at google or apple or the unions that are flush with money. maybe about after george champion y he had a great year. when you start to target individual industries, it's absolutely the wrong thing to do. >> wall street's an easy target. >> very easy target. there's $522 billion of unspent money. to -- look, i get it, you don't like wall street bonuses, there's a recession, a lot of people are out of work but you can't tax things you don't like. gary's right, add a cigarette tax for beer tax or speeding tax or pregnant teen tax. you can't do that. stop sending the money we have in -- this is a populous support to use some of the 522 billion wherever it's sitting. >> julia, we get the outrage against the wall street bonuses but is there a connect between doing that and aiding haiti? >> well, we'll have to agree t
in dallas. and 38 in baltimore. the center portions of the united states are dealing with mild air. moving in. and that will press in our direction for sunday and into monday. so that is good news. but we will have to deal with rain showers along with that mild air mass. so there is the low pressure system moving out of here. high pressure system builds in nicely for saturday. tomorrow. so wake up to sunshine. and right around 3:00, continue with the blue skies. but unfortunately that high pressure system is short lived. and here comes the next system is just in time for the later half of the weekend. so on sunday, at 1:00, still be dry. but clouds will be pretty thick on sunday. and then the rain showers pressing in here, late in the day on sunday. and lingering into the first part of monday morning. before the system does pull out. so for tomorrow. one of the best days for the weekend. eastern shore forecast for tomorrow. 42 degrees. for a high temperature. mostly sunny skies. and the winds strong out of the west at 10-to-15 miles per hour. and shifting toward the southwest as that warme
the united states. >> the f.b.i. was provided with specific names and descriptions of several non-arabs who trained with him in yemen. . >>> well, in the midst of despair in haiti, more miracles to share tonight. an international search team pulled a 22-year-old man from the rubble ten days of that earthquake and rescue teams also saved a 69-year-old woman who had been buried under debris. hundreds of thousands of haitians are filling buses, ferries, and setting out on foot to get out of the capital. international aid is still not reaching many people, but there is some good news here as well. part of haiti's crippled sea port reopened today. >> this is bringing in the goods these people need, so us protecting this is our number one priority right now. >> the government is searching for sites to build tent cities for the hundreds of thousands of homeless. >>> a group of doctors and nurses has traveled to haiti every year to provide surgical care. now it is turned into the mission of a lifetime for the physicians for humanity. they're expected to arrive in haiti sometime tomorrow, working at
but they can't have a blank credit card from the united states. >> i'm talking about people and the government. the government has to bring the resources. i can't airlift in and drop it so it's a combination of donations from people and cooptions and it is government. americans help countries much more unfortunate than we are. we help other countries like this but haiti, in the long run, needs to be place to go safely and spend money. bringing the cruise ship is very good an they're doing more than most but they're not doing it for the haitians. it's the natural business. >> wait, just quickly -- >> quickly, to jonas's point. if we're going to get in there and use the haitians to help our economy, it's in our bestr interest to help them. we have to stop thinking myopically. we gave money to katrina and said go away. we can't think like that. >> john, last word. >> it's all three, not one or the other. nobody is saying we don't have -- we have to have a stable government and infrastructure but you have to have private business. if you have one missing you don't do them a long-term favor. >> tha
, everybody in the united states is a tax cheat because the tax code is so complicated. >> it's like summer camp. that hung you have treasury secretary. he didn't get that right. >> quentin, that's a great point. talk about tax cheats. maybe he shouldn't have a job z don't complain about big government. individuals are responsible for paying their taxes. this is about companies that cheat. >> victoria? >> the only way you're going to get your money back is through giving them -- not the only way but one way is to give these guys contracts. >> they're criminals. seize their assets. >> you send them to prison you won't get the money. >> government calling other people criminals and cheats after what we've seen in the past year? >> maybe they all should go jail. send them to north korea. absent that, a perp walk would prevent others were doing the same but don't confuse that with notions over long. >> how many pages? >> 9 1/2 million words and. >> i knew this guy would have an answer. no more filibuster proof senate. you can thank scott brown for that and also three filibuster stocks that will
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